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Beer Ganim commercial center

The commercial center In Beer Ganim is the first commercial center erected in the Southern town next to Ashkelon. Situated at its entrance and highly visible to the main highway, the center will serve the local and national population.

  • Program

    Commercial center

  • Client

    Tobolsky Real Estate

  • Sector


  • Status

    In Planning

  • Team

    Tami Ollech Lerer, Yanir Schneiderman

  • Location

    Beer Ganim, Israel

  • Size

    1300 sqm

The commercial center in Beer Ganim is located on the entrance road to the town and is seen from a distance up to Route 4. The building is the first to be built in the new settlement and is the extreme in a succession of commercial and public plots. This led the planners to design a typology that creates an internal promenade within the center, open to the elements, in which the public can gather and spend time, set up stalls on special days, meet and eat.

The typology of the building creates an internal promenade within the center, open to the elements. 

The subsequent projects will continue this building scheme to create a continuous promenade. The architecture of the center, despite being simple and feasible, aspires to the elegant and impressive.

Rendering of the internal promenade
Front façade of the center
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