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Independence Trail Tel Aviv

The independence trail is a 1 km long urban installation, spanning the cultural centre of Tel Aviv. Through the trail, ten historical sites, scattered across Tel Aviv are woven together to tell the story of Israel’s founding. While doing so, the installation transforms the cultural center of Tel Aviv into an outdoor living, breathing, urban museum.

  • Program

    Urban Museum

  • Client

    DIskInPro for the Tel Aviv municipality

  • Sector


  • Status


  • Team

    Tami Ollech Lerer, Nati Ollech

  • Collaborations


  • Location

    Tel Aviv

  • Size

    1 km

the Independance Trail's map

The trail, made of brass, brick and light is gently integrated into the fabric of Tel Aviv’s boulevards, connecting and accentuating important historical points while creating an iconic visual element in the city’s landscape. At each historical site, the trail marks its location through an artistic illustration of the historical edifice, engraved into the brass and illuminated by light. Designed in conjunction, the trail is accompanied by its urban signage, providing informational texts in 3 languages, giving visitors orientation and incorporating the same visual identity and materiality. Through seamless physical and digital integration, the trail and street signage connect to a mobile and tablet application giving visitors further insight and a deeper experience. 

Through the use of unique form and materiality, graphics and light, the independence trail has become one of downtown tel aviv’s most cherished urban attractions for residents and tourists alike.  

The trail with it's respective signage

The design language is inspired by the environment in which the path is engrained, the heart of Tel Aviv. Built mostly in the 1920s and 1930s, some of the surrounding buildings are built in the eclectic style, many in the international style, and some modern buildings, even towers. The heart of the city has proven to be capable of containing the historical and yet evolving nature of its surroundings. The trail maintains minimalist and clean lines, striving for simplicity and flow between the many elements that exist in the area.

The design language is inspired by the environment in which the path is engrained, the heart of Tel Aviv. 

 The material chosen for the project is brass, a material with depth and presence that knows how to age well, absorbing dirt and age in an exciting way. Today the Independence Trail is an integral part of the boulevard, a children’s playground in the heart of the city, attracting visitors to take an interest in Israel’s milestones and providing an intuitive roadmap for city wanderers.Light fixtures are incorporated throughout the independence trail, transforming its appearance at night to form an iconic light streak in the busy urban landscape. 

The trail, brass and light
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