The Friends of Zion Museum - Ollech + Tol

The Friends of Zion Museum

FOZ is a boutique museum situated in the center of Jerusalem dedicated to the story of the establishment of the state of Israel. The museum is designed as a storyboard- a series of spaces, each telling the story of a different period in time, designed in a different atmosphere and conveying a unique message.

  • Program


  • Client

    DiskInPro for the friends of Zion

  • Sector


  • Status


  • Team

    Nati Ollech

  • Collaborations

    Sagi Rechter, Eldad Lev, DiskInPro

  • Location

    Jerusalem, Israel

  • Size

    850 sqm

Hall of the brave

The umbrella narrative and movement flow of the museum is circular. Starting from the lobby that portrays the modern state of Israel, the visitors are led to spaces dedicated to the theoretical foundations of Zionism and from there to spaces telling the tales and deeds of people in different times and places who fought to bring the state about. The museum ends in the same space as it started – a portrayal of modern day Israel.

The design work is highly customized and detailed where digital fabrication tools were used to create forms in wood, concrete and marble – a manufacturing process from computer to factory to assembly.

The final outcome is a  highly crafted museum made of different and unique spaces telling the story of individuals working in different epochs and places, coming together to form a unified story. A story bigger and grander than the sum of it’s parts.

Concrete model of the State of Israel with projected imagery
Abstract sculptures of paramount figures
The main hall
The main hall with interactive A/V
The Holocaust hall with projected mapping on a broken surface
The founding father's hall with surround a/v
Map of the world with key supporting countries
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