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Harav Herzog 21/2, Jerusalem, Israel
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Helping businesses and developers deliver exceptional properties

Constantly striving to synthesize creativity and innovation with a rigorous approach to design and construction, we thrive under the commercial constraints that business operate in.

While sometimes called architects or consultants, that is not our frame of mind. We consider ourselves partners for the long term.

We help the daring and ambitious build legendary projects, from inception to construction and beyond.

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A multi-disciplinary
design firm.


The places we design act as a catalyst for socially sustainable urban transformation

- Urban Planning
- Master Planning

Architecture + landscaping

Our role is to design unique, innovative, and effective buildings and landscapes for a diverse society.

- Architecture
- Landscaping


From placemaking to interiors, products and environmental graphics, we take a holistic approach to the craft of design

- Placemaking
- Interiors
- Signage
- Environmental Graphics


We provide management services across the full range of our portfolio

- Feasability studies
- Design management
- Cost & billing management
- Construction supervision

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We’d love to talk to you about questions, projects, partnership opportunities, or anything else related to your needs.

Alternatively, you can reach out by the Email Address below or give us a call or visit.

ADDRESS: Harav Herzog 21/2, Jerusalem, Israel
TEL: ph +(972) 2 5657570

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