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// Who are we

Ollech+tol is an
architecture and design
firm embedded with a
spirit of innovation and

// Our Approach

Helping our clients
create visionary

At Ollech+Tol, we synthesize creativity and innovation with a rigorous approach to design, management and construction. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, creativity and design thinking, we create projects that are innovative and impactfull. 

While sometimes called architects or consultants, that is not our frame of mind. We consider ourselves partners for the long term. We help the daring deliver visionary projects, from inception to construction and beyond.

// Our values

Our values

Our values and beliefs form the foundation of our practice.


The relationship between an architect and a client is the cornerstone of a successful project. We thrive with open-minded clients who give us their trust.


We are not to limited to any narrow area of design and construction. The ability to understand the planning and construction process through a variety of sectors and scales allows us to innovate.


We strive to create projects that come from a strong vision and aim for the exceptional. No matter the scale or sector, we put in each project the effort, creativity and talent in order to produce great work.

// Our Ethos

Innovation happens when different perspectives meet

We value teamwork over the lone genius. Our contribution to a project always comes from several of us working together and we aren’t overly excited to see our names in the press.

Our team is diverse and connected. We compromise a team of people with different skill-sets, strengths and backgrounds focused on excellence and professionalism.

This ethos has led the firm to engage a broad range of services, synthesizing scales and sectors. Urbanism, architecture, landscaping, design, management – all working side-by-side in order to deliver legendary projects.

// Our team

Our people are

Tami Ollech Lerer

Architect | Founder | Senior Partner


Nati Ollech

Architect | Founder | Senior Partner


Aviel Argaman

Aviel Argaman



Yanir Schneiderman

Yanir Scheniderman



Daniel Moati

Daniel Moatti

Architectural Engineer


Noa Benady



Sharon Gilboa

Sharon Gilboa

Economist | Precise | Head of Finance


Nadav Blush

Nadav Blush

Economist | Precise


// contact


We’d love to talk to you about questions, projects, partnership opportunities, or anything else related to your needs.

Please reach out by the Email Address below or give us a call or visit.

ADDRESS: Harav Herzog 21/2, Jerusalem, Israel
TEL: ph +(972) 2 5657570
EMAIL: office@olltol.com